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aXYZ design - CBoy0005-CS / Rigged for 3D Max + Character Studio 3D Model

aXYZ design - Metropoly CS - Rigged characters for 3D Max Content: 1 F...


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Last Modified:08/24/2009
Total Size of Files: 2.62 MB
aXYZ design - Metropoly CS - Rigged characters for 3D Max Content: 1 Full Body & Hand rigged 3D-Human model ready to be animated. Geometry: 3000 faces optimized for an optimal deformation during the animation process. Textures: Two levels of detail texture maps(512x152 px and 1024x1024 px) Format: 3D Studio Max 6.0 & Character Studio Character Studio Biped skinned and weighted to the mesh. Ready for animation. Metropoly collections can be viewed from any angle! Break with the limitations of plain characters! Perfect for medium distance viewing! Perfect integration with the rendered image! Optimized mesh that allows for perfect shadows! Using our characters, image retouching is almost unnecessary! Website:

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