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!Clutter Collection - Book Store Superstore 3D Model

The Book Store - Superstore clutter collection is comprised of 38 files c...


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Last Modified:08/24/2009
Total Size of Files: 16.1 MB
The Book Store - Superstore clutter collection is comprised of 38 files containing over 80 different models. This set will make your bookstore or library 3d scene complete and more believable. You can use the furniture elements as-is or remove the furniture and place the product clutter into your own furniture designs. Better yet, let us do it for you. Give us your specifications and for a small modeling fee we can custom fit our product clutter to the furniture elements of your choice. These models are also available individually using the keyword: clutterbookstore, All models were originally created in Max 4. All render previews were created using Max and finalRender. Lights, stage and finalRender materials available upon request. The Max version is sold using the lowest possible polygon count so that it can be used in many situations. Smooth modifiers have been added, in some cases, to allow the polygons of some objects to be increased as needed. All non-Max versions are sold using a medium polygon resolution appropriate for a variety of situations. If you require a lower resolution mesh for games or a higher resolution mesh for print please contact us ModelBank. We will replace your model free of charge. The polygon count listed reflects the state of all versions other than Max, which may be higher or lower depending on possible smooth modifier settings. Different formats handle texture mapping and materials in different ways. Maps and textures may appear different than previews shown. Ray traced reflections shown in previews have been replaced by reflection maps to allow for faster render times. Ray traced materials are available upon request. Other formats are available. Let us know what you need. If you have any questions, or you’re interested in custom models, please contact us through ModelBank.

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