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Stadium Structure, architectural drawing, AutoCAD. 3D Model

Accurate architectural drawing of a stadium structure, done in Autocad, with all of the structural elements included


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  • AutoCAD drawing (.dwg) - v2007
  • AutoCAD drawing (.dwg) - vR14
  • AutoCAD drawing (.dwg) - v2004
  • AutoCAD drawing (.dwg) - v2000


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Last Modified:10/12/2010
Total Size of Files: 10.7 MB
Stadium structure, done in AutoCAD with usage of solid geometry type. Accurate architectural drawing with precise measurements of all structural elements.

The structure consists of (by layers in alphabetical order):
- Arches
- Girders
- Grills
- Glass (doesn't play any structural role)
- Rings
- Suspension cables
- Tension cables
There are two more legacy layers (Layer '0' and 'Defpoints') but those are system reserved layers and there are no objects contained in them. The colour and distribution of elements through layers is in the manner depicted on fifth and sixth thumbnail.

All of the objects are solid type AutoCAD surfaces, including cables. The scale of the drawing is 1:1, real world units, 1 meter=1 meter.

All of the formats are *.dwg, saved from AutoCAD 2009 to previous versions of *.dwg file format (R14, 2000, 2004, 2007) in order to increase compatibility.

The structure isn't a representation of any existing object; it's a unique, architectural design is done by me.

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