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Tribal Goblin --PBR-Rigged-Animated-- 3D Model

Low-poly and game-ready model of a tribal red goblin.


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  • 3ds Max (.max) - v2016
  • Photoshop (.psd)
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Includes Normal MapYes
Detail Levellow
Avg. Textures Res.2k


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A tribal version of a red goblin, it's a low-poly model mostly aimed for RPGs, but can be used for anything you want, it's completely rigged and animated, texture follow the PBR workflow, and it's been tested in Unreal Engine and Unity without any problem.

The clothes use APEX for realtime simulation, and the rigging is made using CAT and some extra stretchy bones for big muscles area(like the chest) and for the facial animation of the character, so it won't have much weight in real-time compared to morph targets.

It comes with 2 levels of detail, a LOD0 of 24450 triangles for the body and 1634 for the axe, and an LOD1 of 3477 triangles for the body and 100 for the axe, the weapon is separated, and can be changed with anything else if you want.

Facial rigging is driven by stretchy bones that follow face anatomy, for a wide range of movements and expressions, while keeping the model lighter for real-time.

The character is created mostly in 3ds Max, so native .max files are provided with rigging already setup if you want/need to add extra animations, .fbx file is provided too if you use other softwares and it's partially rigged, since you should reconfigure the stretchy bones in your software, .obj file include only the model without rigging.

The model has been created for real-time so it comes with two specific versions for Unreal Engine and Unity too, already setup with LODs, in both .max and .fbx extension, in case you need to modify anything, and both versions have specific texture sets that follow the engine workflow.

I've created animations for idle, walk, run, and attack(only upper half part of the body), and this animations are avalaible in both .max and .fbx, so if you need to check them, or reimport, or change them, you have easy access to them.

An extra psd image is provided with layers already setup, if you want to change the skin color of the goblin, so you'll have the skin separated from other parts that probably you'll want to keep the original color.

I've created the full character in Unreal Engine too, with motion and attack blueprints already setup, so you can easily use the .uasset provided, just copy and paste it in the content folder of your game, and add  the movements and attack input in your setting, materials are already setup.

--Model specs--
-Polycount: LOD0 26084 triangles(24450 character, 1634 weapon), LOD1 3577 triangles (3477 character, 100 weapon).

-Unreal Engine Textures:
     Albedo, Occlusion-Roughness-Metallic, Normal, Opacity (2048x2048)
      Albedo, Occlusion-Roughness-Metallic, Normal (4096x4096), Thickness (2048x2048)
     Albedo, Occlusion-Roughness-Metallic, Normal (1024x1024)
     Albedo, Occlusion-Roughness-Metallic, Normal (1024x1024)
     Albedo, Occlusion, Opacity, Height, Normal, Root, Specular (1024x1024)
     Albedo, Occlusion-Roughness-Metallic, Normal (1024x1024)

-Unity Textures:
     Albedo-Transparency, Metallic-Smoothness, Normal (2048x2048)
      Albedo, Metallic-Smoothness, Normal (4096x4096), Thickness (2048x2048)
     Albedo, Metallic-Smoothness, Normal (1024x1024)
     Albedo, Metallic-Smoothness, Normal (1024x1024)
     Albedo-Transparency, Height, Normal, Root, Specular (1024x1024)
     Albedo, Metallic-Smoothness, Normal (1024x1024)

Attack(only upper part of the body)

Free File Conversions: Need this 3d model in another format? please Contact Support to verify we can provide the format you need.

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