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Big Fat Strong 1.0.1 for 3dsmax

A character I made in 3ds max 2009.

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  • 2009

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Last Modified:09/21/2010
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CG, 3ds max, Rig

EDIT: Updated a little bit, fixed the bug of pants having double transform. For prople who downloaded the older version, just unlink the pants from the global control, that is all.

its been a long time since I have uploaded any rig. My first one was a rig in maya. The suruj rig. But it had a lot of flaws and many people hated it.
This one is in 3ds max 2009. This has a shirt with cloth modifier. You need to solve the cloth after animating the character.
The spine is streatchy and can twist from both angles, top and bottom. You can move and rotate the controllers to pose the spine.
I hope you fnd this rig better than the suruj rig.

The shirt is actually first skinned to the root bone. So, when you are finished animating, you select the shirt, go to the cloth modifier, click on reset state and then click solve.The pant however, is skin-wrapped to the body, so there is no cloth simulation going on in the pants.

Many people found difficulties animating the shirt. Here is a little tutorial:

How to simulate the shirt as cloth :

1) Animate the character from frame 0 or 1, whatever you like. Animate him with the shirt hidden for now.
2) When you are done animating, go to frame  -100, anywhere before the first frame of animation. Where the character is at its bind pose, so it's shirt is at the right place too. Unhide the shirt now.
3) You no go to the modify panel while having the shirt selected and click on cloth modifier to show it's attributes in the modify panel.
4) Hit reset state in cloth modifier and then click on simulate local. The shirt will now rest in it's position. Remember, we are at frame -100 or so, where the character and the shirt are at the bind pose.
5) When you feel like the shirt has rested on the body properly, turn off simulate local. And hit Simulate. The cloth should now simulate from frame -100 to the last frame of your animation. This may take a few minutes.
6) When the simulation is done, you can scrub the time slider back and forth to see the shirt animating. Since we simulated from -100, the shirt is at it's bind pose first and also the body. They both blend from -100 to frame 0 smoothly and the shirt follows. And then the animation plays as usual. You can now render or playblast the animation from frame 0 or from the first frame of the actual animation.

I hope that helps. Sorry for the trouble.

If you use this in any of your productions then please send me a copy or link so that I can see it too. I would love to see it.
Thanks for reading. If you wanna mail me please mail me at only. Not yahoo or hotmail. Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes.



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