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packageman complete rig 0.0.0 for 3dsmax

packageman with facial rig ,ready too animate

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Last Modified:08/27/2009
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  • ash_chauhan1981 Chauhan

    ash_chauhan1981 Chauhan said over 10 years ago:

    @Artesia Sorry for late reply bt all controls gud and connected properly.The problem just occur due to using different version of software,i was setup this rig into 3ds max 9 and you used 3ds max 2010.its was my first rig so might be i left some adv. control and naming.
  • Artesia

    Artesia said almost 13 years ago:

    I've been using this for school projects and figured it was time to post feedback. First the good things, It works... I do wish it had more controls for heel roll, shoulder shrug, etc. The bad, wasn't fully rigged (opening in 3ds max 2010). The wrist twist joints weren't wired to the hand rotation like it should be so you don't have to animate it by hand. That was easy enough to wire together. The finger controls weren't all wired to the bones, some worked some didn't, I had to go in and wire those together as well. Nothing is named, everything is "bone35" and "helper12", so I had to go through and rename what I needed to animate (the controllers). Overall it's okay if you know how to rig using wire parameters. But it feels like an incomplete rig, that takes a bit of work to get working correctly.

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