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Ruschmeyer R90 230RG C4D Rigged 3D Model

Ruschmeyer R90


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  • Cinema 4D (.c4d) - vR17


Detail Levelmedium
Avg. Textures Res.4k


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This is the Ruschmeyer R90 230RG, a 4 place constant speed prop 230 horsepower general aviation aircraft built in Germany. This model is an external representation of the aircraft and does not include any engine details with respect to the Lycoming IO 540.

This model is rigged and ready for immediate animation on Cinema 4D. Created in C4D R17 this model has an easy to use Xpresso GUI that takes all the tricky setup out of the equation for you. Controls also include a landing gear slider that will avoid collisions and raise and lower the landing gear with simply setting 2 keyframes. All textures are 4K or better, paint is set as layers and color is adjustable in the rig using the stripes that you see in the renders. Aileron, Elevator, and Rudder are all rigged cooperatively with the flight stick and rudder pedals so you can use the controls for inside the cockpit or an exterior shot.

NOTE: This model is native to Cinema 4D, all renders were created using C4D R17 and may not reflect other programs in terms of materials. Polygons represent the low resolution C4D model (Available for other programs on request). This model is set up to adjust most all individual components to your liking. Detail into use of textures and materials were setup so only essential parts are textures, most colored components are all materials, change to your favorite material.

For other programs animating all the key items (such as ailerons, elevator, doors, flight stick, etc..) are set for proper axis location in the Local grid coordinate.

Created natively in C4D the model is offered in low poly for C4D only. If desired upon purchase please request lower or higher poly models and I can happily send it to you. All other programs aside from C4D the model is in a subdivision of 2 giving a great appearance, for up close and personal shots you can further subdivide the model in the programs. The model is almost completely built of quads and is meant for outstanding appearance in any close up or distant shot.

With a semi detailed interior I have made everything separate so any adjustments to components are easy and quick. There are a mixture of 4K or better textures and materials to optimize the appearance, just change to your favorite color/material and modify the look of the aircraft.


If you like this model check out my others under jasoncrohr, happy modeling.

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