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Balancer Lite 1.1.3

Balancer is a tool to optimize 3D models.

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Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:10/07/2010
File Size: 3.32 MB

Version History

Oct 7, 2010: Balancer

  • New: Prevention of UV and XY foldovers
  • New: Customization of mouse assignments
  • New: Support for mouse wheel to zoom in/out
  • New: Customization of background color
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Mar 17, 2010: Balancer

  • New: Locking of surface boundaries
  • New: Locking of individual vertices by selection
  • New: Flat shading for easier quality inspection
  • New: Auto normal update option
  • New: Discard Smoothing Groups in Tools
  • Several minor fixes and improvements

Dec 18, 2009: Balancer

  • New: Full support for smoothing groups
  • Fixed: Loading of models with inconsistent normal/uv indices
  • Fixed: A rare crash when simplifying models with complex topology
  • Fixed: Automatic updates
  • Several minor fixes and improvements

Nov 19, 2009: Balancer

  • Fixed slow performance of vertex joining in some rare cases
  • Intelligent joining: only relevant vertices are affected
  • New: Non-boundary vertices with close normals can be protected from joining;
    This feature is controlled by a threshold value in Options/Joining

Aug 30, 2009: Balancer

  • Support for TIFF, BMP, PPM, PBM
  • Drag-and-drop model loading
  • Unicode file paths
  • Check for updates
  • Numerous fixes and improvements

May 3, 2009: Balancer 0.73.112.Beta

  • New mesh tool: Joining normals and texture coordinates were added for elimination of corresponding false boundaries.
  • Joining vertices, normals and texture coordinates are now with threshold parameter.
  • New mesh tool: Discarding normals and texture coordinates were added.
  • New option page: Apply joining of vertices, normals, texture coordinates and construction of simplification hierarchy automatically on model loading.
  • A dozen of fixes and minor improvements.

Apr 7, 2009: Balancer 0.72.101.Beta

  • The first public release.