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Mai-Tai 1.0.0

Maya 2 command plug-in for exporting RIB to a file

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Operating Systems

  • Irix
  • Windows


Last Modified:12/07/1999
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Mai-Tai is a Maya command plug-in for exporting RIB to a file or RenderMan-compliant renderer such as RenderDotC. Mai-Tai works under Maya 1.5 on Irix or Maya 2.0 on Windows NT. (Later versions of Maya
may issue a warning at start-up, but run correctly.)

Version 1.0 includes the following features:
NuCurves primitive
Automatic shadow passes
Lambert, Blinn, and Phong surface shaders
Distant, Point, and Spot light source shaders

Mai-Tai for SGI is distributed as n32 mips3 binaries. Mai-Tai for
Windows NT is distributed as Intel Pentium binaries (Download Windows Demo above).

Complete documentation is online at:
Official Mai-Tai Web page is at:

The demo version does not save RIB files. Instead, it uses RenderDotC 3.1 to render images (to either TIFF or framebuffer) from within Maya. If the user already has an RDC 3.1 license, Mai-Tai can use it. Otherwise, a demo version of RDC 3.1 is built-in to Mai-Tai (i.e. one need not install RDC to run Mai-Tai).

The source code for the Mai-Tai plug-in is not available. The MEL scripts and RenderMan shaders are distributed with source. Please contribute enhancements to scripts and shaders back to Dot C.

Mai-Tai is not for sale yet. Our current plan is to include a fully functional license of Mai-Tai with each license of RenderDotC purchased, and also to offer standalone licenses of Mai-Tai for a fee.

Please report bugs to and send other feedback to

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