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Image Convertor 5.7.0

Converts Images to specific format/resize and guerilla texture builder

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Last Modified:03/23/2016
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Image convertor and guerilla texture builder

1. Image Convertor will be converts any kind of image formats to selected output type image format such jpg, tga, png etc.. (around 12 types)

2. Another one great option is, we can resize all the given listed files to multiple resize in a single step. Means any size of images will be re-size into 512, 1k, 2k, 4k and custom size at a time including format type. Means it will converts format and multi size resizing at a time.

3. "Guerilla Tex Builder" This is a post production render software from maya to guerillaRender. In this software for textures, they are following their own image format. Our texture files will be converts (builds) into their format while rendering time only.
So in production to save our time, to build all the files at a time without opening that Render software
(GuerillaRender Softwre should be installed in the system before using this option).

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