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New Technology Shell 1.0.0

Have unix tshell on your windows box

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Last Modified:11/06/1999
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Windows Users, do you like your DOS box???
you don't? But perhaps, you would like a real command line shell, when it's easy, fast and powerful enough?
You have once seen a unix shell and want something similar?

well, this is not a problem any more.
anouncing the New Technology Shell, there will be the ultimate command line shell for Windows NT (and 95).

features already implemented:

  • scrollback buffer with PgUp/PgDown support
  • history list & editable command line
  • use of normal slash (/) in path-name instead of backslash ()
  • Unix-like internal commands (still need some work...)
  • automatic completion of commands / path, file names / environment vars
  • Ansi color support (internal commands only in this Alpha)
  • registry config support

  • Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
    Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
    Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
    Please rate and review in the Review section.

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