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DrQueue 0.6.4

open source distributed render queue

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Operating Systems

  • Irix
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Windows


Last Modified:07/24/2007
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Version History

V. 0.64.3
Many many fixes, helper tools to assist in the installation, and some new features like the ruby bindings among others.

V. 0.64.2p2
Patch-2: patched for Nekoware  Irix open-source tools. Tested on SGI/Origin 3400. Quite cool.  Thanks to Joerg  Behrens.

V. 0.64.2p1
Patch-1: fixed some sendjob OS flags.

V. 0.64.2
Python upgrades. Code reorganization preparing for following modules. Improved logging features. Improved portability.

V. 0.64.2c3
Nasty database bug fixed. Ready for Mac Universal binaries. Windows build. Merging towards the commercial release.

V. 0.64.2c2
Many fixes and 64bit support.