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Smedge 2.0.0

render queing and distribution soft for many apps

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Last Modified:09/26/2004
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Smedge 2.37.3 is the latest and greatest release of the ultimate render queueing and distribution system for Windows NT.

Easy to setup, easy to use, yet amazingly powerful, this little application can queue and distribute renders for Maya, 3ds max, Lightwave, XSI, SoftImage, MentalRay for Maya, After Effects, Digital Fusion, Shake, Rayz, MayMan, Air, Alias, Jig, and any program that can be controlled from a commandline.

This latest release adds support for Nuke, and fixes the Maya 6 support for the fixed output from Maya 6.0.1, as well as a few other little fixes and improvements.

To see a full feature list and manual visit the Smedge Homepage. As with Smedge 1.x, Smedge 2 is free for a single user.

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