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Maya File Converting Tool 1.0.0

Convert Maya Files To Lower Versions

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Operating Systems

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Last Modified:01/29/2008
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  • stiga

    stiga said over 11 years ago:

    I'm not sure why people need this, but this shouold work wih maya binary files. Then it would make sense. Maya ascii files can be load into any serious text processor and changed to anything. Also why installation? It should be command. There is no need for installation at all.
  • kleo2303

    kleo2303 said almost 16 years ago:

    thanks a lot!
  • ArtmanUrgus

    ArtmanUrgus said about 16 years ago:

    Great job!!!
  • Saffire

    Saffire said over 16 years ago:

    Hi. Very good little program. To get it work you need to install (in Windows) Python ( Thank you.
  • jim123456

    jim123456 said over 16 years ago:

  • ILoveDominikaDetko

    ILoveDominikaDetko said almost 17 years ago:

    This is what I need thx to Farshid Ashouri nice work
  • Farsheed Ashouri

    Farsheed Ashouri said about 17 years ago:

    Edit: You don't need to install python. Please mail me if you can't run it in vista(and send the error message or log file)

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