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FUEL TV Commissions Royale For Adam Haynes Signature Series ID #24
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FUEL TV Commissions Royale For Adam Haynes Signature Series ID #24
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Los Angeles, CA – (January 13, 2010) -- FUEL TV commissioned motion design and production studio Royale to collaborate with commercial and fine artist Adam Haynes to create the latest station ID for the network’s popular Signature Series. Royale&Haynes delivered ID #24 of the ongoing series, which is slated to culminate into one hundred unique installments. Created as a way for athletes&artists to inspire the action sports culture, FUEL TV’s Signature Series was itself inspired by the concept of signature series deck designs popular in skateboard culture.
For ID #24, FUEL TV tasked Royale to animate illustrations by the Oregon-based artist Haynes, who is also renowned in the action sports world for his artistic imprint on snowboards and groundbreaking work for Nike 6.0. Entitled “Rogue Wave,” FUEL TV began airing ID #24 in January 2010.
Animated with the pulse of Adam Haynes’s illustrated opus, “Rogue Wave” opens amid the subdued palette of his signature landscapes: a weathered Pacific Northwest forest. Gazing upward, falling twigs foreshadow an unusual cataclysm: brittle conifers begin to snap, crashing to the undulating ground. Gaining momentum, the torrential ground uproots everything in sight before cresting into an epic timbered tsunami. The ID concludes in cyclic fashion, as rust-colored clouds cede to pale blue skies, and a young sprig of pine emerges from the debris, as the FUEL TV logo comes into focus. 

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“We’re thrilled FUEL TV invited us to be part of the Signature Series, partnering us with Adam Haynes,” remarks Royale. 

Collaborating remotely with Haynes, Royale says “Rogue Wave” culminated organically. The studio shared animated treatments with the artist, working back and forth, until both parties achieved the desired continuity for final delivery.

“Working with Adam’s illustrations was a nice departure from more conventional approaches to animation,” comments Royale. “It’s invigorating for us as a studio, creatively, to shift roles and collaborate diversely.” 

Royale animated the illustrations with Adobe After Effects. Here, Royale says, the biggest challenge was preserving the detail of Haynes’ artwork.
“Animating the ‘wave’ illustration in After Effects gave the ID a really unique look,” comments Royale. “Using a 2D approach helped us maintain the detail of Haynes’ aesthetic.” 

Royale concludes: “For creatives in the broadcast design field, FUEL TV’s Signature Series represents a true dedication to art. These IDs aren’t just about pop culture or getting people to tune in. FUEL TV is genuinely all about the art.” 


Adam Haynes FUEL TV Signature Series ID #24

Concept&Artwork by Adam Haynes


SVP&GM: CJ Olivares

Creative Director: Todd Dever

Director On-Air Promotions: Michael Cooley

Production Company: Royale

Creative Director: Brien Holman 

Creative Director: Jayson Whitmore

Executive Producer: Jen Lucero

Producer: Anne Hong

Animator: Royale

Designer: Royale

Music/Sound Design: Bluetube Productions

Written by: Michael Kohler

About FUEL TV: 
FUEL TV is the action sports lifestyle network for skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, freestyle motocross, and wakeboarding. A unit of Fox Cable Networks, FUEL TV was launched July 1, 2003 and is seen in 30-million U.S. homes. To subscribe to FUEL TV, call 877-4-FUEL-TV. For program times and other information, visit

About Royale: 
Royale is a motion design&production house based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded by creative directors Jayson Whitmore, Brien Holman and executive producer Jennifer Lucero, Royale’s greatest love is to help solve its client’s needs through the visceral language of motion design. Tapping innovative creative from a multi-dimensional team of talent, the Royale treatment is an endless stream of creative solutions that surpass client expectation, while maintaining a comfortable, relaxed and highly creative environment. Royale has completed projects for commercial, broadcast, music video, and live stage events for brands and clients including Comedy Central, McDonald’s UK, Discovery Channel, MTV Asia, and JetBlue, to name a few, while collaborating with notable agencies like Goodby, Silverstein&Partners, The Martin Agency, JWT NY, and Leo Burnett UK.<