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Unreal Engine 4 Tessellated Rock Wall with LOD Advanced Material

UE4 RockWall Advanced material


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Unreal Engine 4 Tessellated Rock Wall with LOD Advanced Material 3D model


This is a ready made Material for Unreal Engine 4. They are still in the uasset file format. This advanced material allows for up close viewing to be very detailed. This asset uses Unreal's Tessellation. If you don't know what that is, its similar to Bump/Normal/Height maps.

Except, this physically updates the geometry of the mesh. So it will use more process power because of the extra Poly's that get added. But to help counter and reduce the hit on the performance. I added a LOD to the tessellation so It will remove Poly's from the mesh as your camera gets further away from the Rock Wall. As shown in the Wireframe photo. You can see the edges become less dense the further the camera gets.

I imported a already subdived mesh so i can increase the visual quality as Unreal can only add so many Edges via Tessellation. Without editing the engine's source code from what i read.

To use these in your game, all you have to do is while the engine is closed out. Drag-and-Drop all of the uasset files to your project folder. And when you open up the engine you will see the files and you can then use them.

This material doesn't have to be used for a flat plane. It's just used for showing the material for getting pictures.