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What Highend3D offers you...

You have products creative professionals want. Highend3D brings Millions of potential customers to the site every year and offers the most robust selling platform for digital assets on the web.

Put those two together and Highend3D can help you make money.

How our platform can help you sell your products

Our robust selling platform allows you to sell your assets as well as manage and communicate with your customers. Each asset you upload has a Forum, Feature Requests Section, Bug Tracking Tool, Reviews and more. It's fast and easy. Here's more:

  • Robust Product Descriptions --- Add Video or upload up to 16 images to our image browser to help illustrate/demonstrate your product, use our structured category browse system and add tags for quick searching, offer versioning or changes for each asset. Update your product information with WYSIWYG editor, including adding images to the description.
  • Forums - for each asset you upload, you can connect with your customers in our full featured Forum so that you can watch the discussion and answer your customers questions.
  • Tutorials - for each asset you upload, you can create and upload step-by-step tutorials in our full featured tutorial system to share new features, key workflows, and advanced techniques.
  • Bug Tracking - for each asset you upload, your customers can help you identify a problem with your product by reporting a bug to help improve future versions of your software.
  • Feature Requests - for each asset you upload, let your customers help you improve product, request new features or suggest modifications to existing features
  • Ratings and Reviews - for each asset you upload, see what customers really think of your product; higher quality assets will naturally push quality content to the top of searches
  • Asset Updates/Notifications - Customers are automatically notified in their dashboard when you update your asset. Customers can see when a new forum posts, a bug posts, or feature requests are added to your asset.
  • Advertising - Highend3D is the only community where you can advertise your products to the millions of creative professionals that come to upload/download free scripts/plugins, track events, seek answers on our forums, manage portfolios or find jobs.

How the Marketplace Works

Upload your Asset

It's free to list and easy to sell your assets on Highend3D -- all you need is a paypal account to get paid. Highend3D only makes money when you sell something. We are offering you a 55%/45% commission split... 55% to you.

Once you've registered, Click on "Sell your Assets" then describe your asset, upload your asset, add a video, images and description and you can get up and selling fast.

Customers view and purchase your products on

By listing your products with images, text, video, tags, and tutorials on you can reach nearly FIVE million of potential customers looking for high quality products.

Highend3D Transfers Payments to You

Highend3D deposits payment into your paypal account and sends an email notifying you that your payment has been sent.

Track your Assets and Sales

From your profile dashboard, you can track a new sale, profits and next payout date and an email is sent to you when a Customer purchases your product. For each asset, you will be notified when a bug, review or feature request is posted by your customer.

How Tax Withholdings Work

Highend3D is based in the United States, which means the following concerning tax withholding:

  • For US sellers, we don't withhold any taxes from your sales
  • For sellers not living in the US:
    • We need a W8 form on file before we can pay you.
    • If you live in a country that has a tax treaty with the US, we need your Taxpayer Identification Number on file.
    • For sellers from countries with no US tax treaty, or sellers with no ITIN or EIN, we are required to withhold 30% for taxes only on sales to customers in the United states. Sales to people outside the US are not taxed.
We're as unexcited by this tax policy as you are, but unfortunately we still have to follow it.

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