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Incremental Saver 2.2.0

Incremental saving feature for Maya 3.0

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Last Modified:09/25/2001
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Incremental Saving feature for Maya 3.0.

NEW: handles dashes and underscores in names, appends a period to the end instead of double dashes, should work in unix environments

It will reside as a check box in your file menu, and from now on all you have to do is hit save. The incremental will tack on a .001 to the end of your file, and then add on from there. Eg. file_name.mb will go to file_name.001.mb, file_name.002.mb, etcetera. The check box in the file menu can be turned on or off, by default it is on. To install:
0) back up your FileMenu.mel in c:awmaya3.0scriptsstartup
1) extract file into c:awmaya3.0scriptsstartup as FileMenu.mel

V2.2: bug fixed [bug: previously would trim off the last letter of your file name if you didn't already have a numbering system in place]

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