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Harpoon 1.4.0

advanced network render supporting Maya and LW3D

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Operating Systems

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Last Modified:11/26/2004
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HARPOON is an advanced network render,
supporting Maya (Software and mental ray)
and LightWave 3D.

It's features:

- no setup needed
- easy and friendly interface
- even clients rendering load, including clients with different
calculating power
- rendering of single and multiple frames over network, including
mental ray for Maya 6

How to use:

1) Launch Server on any comfortable computer.
2) Launch Clients on computers with 3D rendering software installed.

UPDATES Information:


- "Animation->Skip Existing Images" menu option added.
Now you can easily re-render only those frames which
are missing in already rendered sequence.
- "Readme.txt" file updated - please be sure to read it.


- "Duplicate Job" button added
- "Extra Render Options" field for Maya added
- "Project Directory" for Maya and "Content Directory"
for LightWave detection enhanced
- Paths fields are editable now
- "Readme.txt" file updated - please be sure to read it.


- Re-rendering of missed frames added
- "Save Current Job" menu added
- "Options" menu redesigned

- Website link added:

View Readme

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