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Maya Network Renderer 1.4.0

Maya network rendering server and client

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Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:04/08/2005
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  • Owar Steve

    Owar Steve said almost 15 years ago:

    Works with Maya 2009?
  • geoill

    geoill said over 15 years ago:

    Will there be a version for maya 2009 OSX?
  • manududu3

    manududu3 said almost 17 years ago:

    The panel is intuitive, the network is easy to setup for PC+router. Good stuff for mental ray users
  • TheNeverman

    TheNeverman said about 18 years ago:

    could not get to run with Maya7
  • LexGear

    LexGear said about 18 years ago:

    yeh its good but i cant get it working on more than one computer. other computer keeps failing to connect. i think some info on the program would be good because its very ..well you know
  • apsmax

    apsmax said over 18 years ago:

    Good render Manager
  • gescom

    gescom said over 18 years ago:


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