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jEdit Maya mel Docs Search 0.1.0

Search Maya mel commands and display the results.

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Last Modified:03/20/2006
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This is a BeanShell macro for jEdit.  This macro allows you to search Maya mel commands based on a selection in the current buffer or if no selection is made, will prompt you for the item to search for.  The InfoViewer plugin is required to display the results (available from the Plugin Manager inside jEdit).


How to make it work:

The macro requires access to a directory containing the .html files for all the Maya mel
commands.  For Maya 7.0, the base directory is here:
 C:/Program Files/Alias/Maya7.0/docs/Documents/Maya7.0/en_US/


There will be a file called "" which contains all the required .html files.

Make a new directory (this macro looks in /melCommands) and unzip the file to this directory.


Make sure the path in line 48 of this macro file, points to the new directory.


note: The directory can be made anywhere, but the .html files do require the icons found in the /gfx
directory in the same path.

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