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Birk 1.0.0 for Maya

Simple Rig....I guess...

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Last Modified:04/26/2008
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V 1.0.0

    This is a rig made with the Advanced Skeleton auto-rigging script (Mel Scripts->Animation).
The hands of the character are from Moom V 4.0 so all credit for the hands goes to Ramtin.

The Rig features
    -IK/FK arms and legs
    - Blendshapes with controls
    -Individual Finger Controls
    -Controls for foot rolling etc.

This is my first single mesh rig, so PLEASE post comments about bugs and if you could, how to fix them. I'll try to fix any problems you have, just post it. I'm only 12 so it's not as good as other rigs here, but it's my first single mesh rig and I like it :P

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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