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bit 1.1.0 for Maya

a robot that can stretch and bend

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  • 2010, 2009, 2008

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  • Windows


Last Modified:09/03/2009
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bend, selection ui

How would you like to have a rig that you could manipulate to your heart's desire? Something with limbs that react like an accordion. In production, I believe, they call this ribbon spline control. It allows an animator to control a rig and make it bend to his wishes--almost as easy as drawing out the pose. BIT, the bending and stretching robot rig, can do this. It is fitted with with ribbon splines on each limb, body and neck (practically everywhere) allowing his accordion-like limbs to stretch and bend to your wishes.

Only downside is shin and arm guards. It's a bit of a design flaw, cuz the appendage does not allow for a wide range of movement. But I rectified it with an extra controller (that occasionally has a mind of its own) that you could use.

More information can be found in

  • fk-ik blends are on the main curve.
  • toggles for ribbons and squash and stretch controls are also in the main curve.
  • smooth toggles are also in the main curve.
  • when you do use this rig, please please oh pretty please just add some credits. It would be largely appreciated.
  • selection ui and camera (added 21st of September) mimicking the OSX docks (LOL!)

this was rigged by John David Marte []
this was modeled by Teo Hui Wen

Give me a heads up when you post an animation up youtube so I could pool everything together and see ribbons stretching together.

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