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Blok 1.3.0 for Maya

A simple yet flexible blockhead

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Last Modified:03/21/2009
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Version 1.1

This light and intuitive rig is great for working on broad, physical animation exercises.

Features include:
- IK legs
- Multiple foot pivot points
- FK/IK arms with FK/IK Matching
- Space Switching for IK Arms
- Full finger controls
- Stretchy legs, back, neck, and arms
- Volume scaling with stretchy limbs
- IK Spline back with advanced rotation
- Knee and elbow controls
- Distributed forearm rotation
- Clavicle pivots
- Fully scalable from the super mover

Should work on Maya versions 5 or later - just edit the ascii header as needed.

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The controls for this character were created entirely using my Rigomatic script, so if you like the feel of the rig, but want to create your own model, you know where to go.

Pair him up with his sidekick Blik for twice the fun.  And of course, if you are interested in working with a character with a full set of facial controls, download my Bloke character.


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