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Bork 3.1.0 for Maya

Advanced Skeleton Rig

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Last Modified:08/31/2009
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  • Joel Anderson

    Joel Anderson said over 15 years ago:

    hey this is a pretty cool looking character. Although, there are some things you could improve. Since you used an auto-rigging system (ie. advancedSkeleton )I would give credit where it is due. The main thing is your parenting. I noticed that you have hidden the IKFK switch controls because they dont work. If you look at the setup in the outliner you will see that there are two groups (MotionSystem and DeformationSystem.) some of your geo is parented under the motionSystem, and some is under the DeformationSystem. Go back and parent (If you must) all the geo under the motionSystem joints only, then all the Advanced skeleton features will be usable. Also you could go through the geometry and delete the unecesary history. Very good for 12 years!
  • aditya777

    aditya777 said over 15 years ago:

    Hey, u r doing great job , improving ur rig very fast, congratulations. here are some suggetions from me as an animator to make it great rig of t year- 1. make t eye blinks , just simple- frm set driven key scale t eyes so that they can be expanded, as well as closed as if he's, sliping or blinking. 2. If u can do add the third and 4 th torso part as it is required for showing force in push pull shots. 3. shoulders expresses most of t feelings, try to make them like animation mentor body mechanics rig. 4. Observe t moom 4 version Try to make torso parts like closely nearer to each other ealistic, but still segmented. 5. As an passonate animator i m requesting u to make one another rig of Disney pinocchio, I do have lot of material regarding rigging gnomon tuterials, if u want to improve ur skills please contact me on - 9226151704 and please make t Disney pinocchio rig if u can. i will give u t scatches of it. Ones again!!!!!!!! Great work inspite of less age!!!!
  • andylt1

    andylt1 said over 15 years ago:

    well i must say for a twelve year old, nice job. i dont think my brain could have coped with rigging when i was twelve ;) but i did notice a few things you may be able to cleanup. the ik polvectors seem to move the geometry 'off axis' when you move them this is because the joints are not smack in the centre of your geometry (a simple way to get the dead centre of a spere is to snap two locators to some verts on opposite sides and use point constraint with no offsets)- not major but may look nicer. the FKCurveWrist_L can still be rotated and scaled even tho it gives some weire results by moving the fingers. i suggest locking it off so it cant be move. definately a decent rig. keep it up fella

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