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Coco Rig 0.0.1 for Maya

IkFk Auto snap

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  • 2008


Last Modified:08/26/2008
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  • said over 12 years ago:

    For the pupils if you press 6 on your key board, they'll come up. as far as the stretchy goes, there's no bones so it doesn't keep the leg as one unit. you'll have to go in and add the bones yourself.
  • Dallyoop

    Dallyoop said over 12 years ago:

    Where is the pupils? Just like the picture above, the download only has pure white eyes.
  • M370dy

    M370dy said almost 13 years ago:

    Nice rig, But how do I make the leg not stretchy? ^^"
  • danbej24

    danbej24 said over 14 years ago:

    I'm wondering if you are able to make a realistic squirrel rig. I'm new at using Maya rigs and am facinated with squirrels. Can you?

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