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DEVIL 1.0.1 for Maya

A Fantasy Character. A Realistic Rig. Nice Combo..

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Last Modified:01/28/2008
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harshad, maya, rahul, Rig

Devil v1.01
Model by Rahul Mehta - rahulcgmaniaxx
Rig by Harshad Bari -

  • Broken Hierarchy (Every Body part has local&global rotation)
  • Dynamic parenting of controls
  • auto clavicle with manual adjust
  • Fk / Ik Arms & Wings
  • Jiggle on WingFlaps
When using Fk for arm, turn the autoclavicle off. Theres also a UI of the main controls with the file if you have the Attribute Collection script.

Hi Everybody. This is a rig which i have worked on in my free time at my studio. Now I am uploading it for Animators (This is something personal also as I would LOVE to see this Character in motion). So I am requesting everybody to give me feedbacks (this is really appreciated). I will try to sort out any problems or answer any queries you find abt it in further versions.
Also pleeeeeeeease upload or mail me scene files or clips of any work you have done on it (looks like im pleading no?? damn right I AM)

As Usual, Happy Animating!

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