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dinoRig 2.0.0 for Maya

free dinosaur animation rig for maya 2010 by Harry Gladwin-Geoghegan

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  • 2010

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Last Modified:03/04/2010
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  • alexandrapr369

    alexandrapr369 said over 5 years ago:

    I don't know why is not letting me submit a Feature Request, sorry for using the wrong channel...
    Now that I'm fully animating with this character I wish there were a few things the rig could do.
    Is awesome that somewhere out there, learning animators have a Velociraptor to practice with, but here is what could be better:
    1. Tail and Neck base - just leave it as rotations, is easier to grab every control and rotate them as you want rather than go back for that 1 control that works with different terms instead of the same rotation tool.
    2. Jaw - same, just leave as rotations
    3. Clavicles - rotations are way better than a locator for these. Also we're missing a control for the shoulder down, the arm, right before the elbow.
    4. FK legs and/or Ankle locator - when animation a foot up in the air (say in a jump) you can't control where the ankle bends; either FK or another locator for the ankle or, even better, having both options will fix this.
    5. Definetly a Switch for the Toe Flop
    6. Individual 'Toes' Controls - and again, just leave them as rotations, you never know when you need a little twist or cheat in one or two of the toes. Also the weight paintings might be off in this area?
    7. Make sure that the geometry doesn't go beyond 'the ground' - after I added my simple plane as a ground I noticed part of the pinkies go a little under even when all of the rig is zeroed out.
    Overall, workable, thanks!
  • GigFledge

    GigFledge said over 7 years ago:

    This rig looks excellent. My only question is how can I make the mouth open? I select what looks like the bone for it, but it won't do anything, either move or rotate. Any suggestions?
  • Antoine Barthod

    Antoine Barthod said about 8 years ago:

    Good Rig ! I wish there was a few more controllers to tweak some things, but I loved working on it ! Thank you ! Here is a run cycle I made with it :
  • nojule

    nojule said over 10 years ago:

    i animated a walk cycle with this rig if anyone wants to download it....
  • Harry Gladwin-Geoghegan

    Harry Gladwin-Geoghegan said about 11 years ago:

    Hello Joel, Do you have a link to it on the3dstudio please i'll get it sorted out. Cheers Update to the dinoRig coming soon, Harry
  • Joel Anderson

    Joel Anderson said about 11 years ago:

    Your rig has been hijacked and for sale on just fyi
  • aki-aki

    aki-aki said over 13 years ago:

    great rig..thanks for sharing man..I'll use it only for learning
  • Paul Eppleston

    Paul Eppleston said almost 14 years ago:

    Brilliant rig! I'm really enjoying it so far. Very fast and beautifully articulated and textured. Two small issues I've encountered so far. When rotating the rig from the hip_anim control and the tail is set to manual, the tail doesn't follow the body. It's only a slight annoyance to counter animate, but detracts from the overall versatility of the rig. The bigger issue is when turning the hip_anim control, the forlegs rotate in space. It can't be countered with the shoulder control. As far as I can tell, this is due to an IK handle running from the scapula_jnt to the shoulder_jnt. A relatively simple fix is to delete the IK handle in the outliner , move the control to the scapula_jnt and orient constrain the joint to the controller. It doesn't seem to break anything, and makes the rig usable for dynamic turns. You have to change the display on the channels (windows>general editors>channel control) to get the rotates in the channel box, and unlock the rotates in the attribute editor to get it to work properly, Otherwise, I highly recommend this rig.
  • amogh kh

    amogh kh said about 14 years ago:

    Awesomee Rig man!! Thanks for sharing it!!
  • dhruv dhir

    dhruv dhir said over 14 years ago:

    dudeee........ nice rig...

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