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frog 1.0.1 for Maya

Frog Character with complete body

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Last Modified:02/23/2007
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concept, maya

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  • karifan

    karifan said over 11 years ago:

    i can't seem to make Jaw cntr working
  • holographix

    holographix said over 13 years ago:

    someone knows how to rig around here, f**k!
  • Diabolos

    Diabolos said almost 16 years ago:

    very fun to work with - thank you for sharing.
  • andreikin

    andreikin said almost 16 years ago:

    thank you very much for comments!
  • p-lagra

    p-lagra said almost 16 years ago:

    !!! Your rig iz perfect weapon, maaan!
  • renegade5005

    renegade5005 said almost 16 years ago:

    Totally in love with the modeling and the rigging.
  • galina_belj

    galina_belj said almost 16 years ago:

    Wonderful, it is the best Rig! Very good work!

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