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Fuzzy cartoon rig 0.0.1 for Maya

Cartoony human rig

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  • 2009

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:10/14/2009
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animation, maya, cartoon, Rig

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  • jraja

    jraja said over 12 years ago:

    Thanks a Ton Mate...!
  • Sondeep Hazarika

    Sondeep Hazarika said over 12 years ago:

    I found the same problem, not showing eyes when rendered in Mental Ray. Can anyone please fix this? Other then this, the rig is great :)
  • foolontheplanet

    foolontheplanet said over 12 years ago:

    maybe i'm blind, or just not getting something, but why don't the eyes show up in the render? i can't find an option for anything that sounds like it's related. someone help please!
  • scott mcguirk

    scott mcguirk said over 12 years ago:

    I like your direct rigging on the face but why the lip joints? It doesn't seem the lip controllers effect them. How do those joints effect the model?
  • Satwinder Dhariwal

    Satwinder Dhariwal said almost 13 years ago:

    Yep same here :( dont know why that is lol
  • dzh

    dzh said almost 13 years ago:

    I have the same problem with eyeballs not rendering in mental ray. They show up in software render but not in mental ray. Any ideas? Great rig tho, awesome work thanks for sharing.
  • Satwinder Dhariwal

    Satwinder Dhariwal said almost 13 years ago:

    Hi there downloaded the rig works very nicely just one question when i render the eyeballs dont show up like they are hidden objects?
  • romeara

    romeara said almost 13 years ago:

    Awesome rig! I have no real complaints. If I were to knit pick it, I'd say the FK arm controls are too bit and can get tangled up in some poses where its hard to know which one you are selecting. Otherwise, really nice!!!
  • Michel Urbanek

    Michel Urbanek said almost 13 years ago:

    Hey guys! First of all, thanks for your interest in my character:) I will upload a new version soon with tongue and High/Low res switch attribute. About the blinks, you should try what romain said. If it still doesn't work please send an other request. I will update the file this week ps: It's pretty hard to work again on this character because i'm presently doing a new one :p So i'm sorry that updates take so long...
  • Romain Digonnet

    Romain Digonnet said almost 13 years ago:

    For the eyelids, if you click on the controler next to his head (the round one on the top right if your facing him), you have the attributes the eyelids and other facial movements. Also the eyelids are nurbs, so make sure to have them visible. For the rar file problem, just use winrar or winzip to extract the maya files. rar files are archives to take less space. For the low res, he hasn't created a controller to pass from low res to high res, but he will add it shortly. For the moment you have to go un-smooth it in the outliner... I'll also urge him to add the tongue in the next version.

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