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Hare Free Rig 0.0.2 for Maya

Free Hare rig that I have developed with my friend Dalila Avdukic

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  • 2016, 2015, 2014

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Last Modified:05/28/2015
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Developing the Hare Rig was both enjoyable and challenging. The Hare is a character primarily based on the classical bunny which might at first seem to be quite positive simply because it is so familiar to so many people. The bunny's large scale presence in both the CG and the real world however also means a quite large number of viewers finding themselves criticizing your work. “The ears aren't quite right“, “don't you think the paws should be a little longer“etc., is what you would frequently hear when displaying your work. However, it also allows for taking a perspective one might have had overlooked if one had worked on a model less “familiar“to the public at large.

I do sincerely apologize for the poor presentation of the Hare Rig, but coming from the rigging community, and primarily spending time behind the screen creating and learning new ways of rigging, does not really allow for presentation skills to be developed. I kindly invite you to contact me via email ( for all possible problems or additions. Moreover, if there are any modellers with fun and challenging models to be rigged and animated, feel free to contact me since I am always up for fun projects which might come in useful.

Many thanks go to Andrej Jagar for the lively animation, for the amazing texture to Sabina Mrgan and for the lighting and rendering to Fedja Kilibarda.

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