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Hugo waiter extraordinaire 1.0.0 for Maya

The Hugo rig is a biped cartoon rig with bendy controls. A Jelly rig is included.

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  • 2016

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Last Modified:03/13/2018
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This rig is for non-commercial use only.
Hi there, 
This rig is comprised of two different rigs combined into one. i.e. the waiter rig and the jelly rig. 
The waiter rig is a simple cartoony rig with IK hands and legs. The arms and legs are bendy and always maintain a curve to give that cartoon feel. Both the arms can be rotatated and popped out of their socket maintining the horror aspect of the character and can be animated on their own. The legs have a reverse foot setup and can be controlled from the main IK leg controller. The Serviette(napkin) draped over the arm of the waiter is also very flexible and can be controlled as a whole in addition to having isolated selections in entire sections of the cloth. 

The blood jelly rig is the second major rig in the scene. The jelly itself has features like squash, stretch, bend etc. with which you can really give it that jelly wobble look. Again maintining that horror aspect the jelly has a pair of eyes inside it. The eyes can be controlled individually but will also stretch and squash according to the jelly so that it feels and acts as a whole.

The project folder contails all the texture file required in the source image folder. 

I'm sure you will have a fun time animating Hugo :) . I would love  to see the creative ways in which you bring Hugo to life so please share with me the animations you make using him.
If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to contact me.
Concept and creation : Avaya Pandey
Hugo (along with the jelly rig)  is a character rig I made as part of a workshop training for puppeteer lounge. 

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