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Iradj_Roh 1.0.3 for Maya

Free Stretchy Rig By Iradj Khosronia

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  • 2009

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Last Modified:05/21/2010
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1)For Scaling go to Roh->all_anim and use "globalScale" attribute

2)Arms are Fk & Ik (Stretchy), select "clavicle_anim_L-R" (above shoulders) and use "FkIk" attribute

  when "FkIk = 0" you are in Ik mode and when "FkIk = 10" you are in Fk mode !

  "Shldr Body" attribute are for Constraining Clavicle to Body or Shoulder

  Use Fk mode to animate the Arms, use IK mode only for a shot that the Hands need to be Locked !

3)For Fingers you can use "Pinky,Mid,Index,Thumb" attributes which are in "hand_rot_anim_L-R", and also
  gimbales which on every fingers !

  Attention : when you are in Ik mode the "hand_rot_anim_L-R" do not rotate the Hand, the Hand rotate
                  with "hand_trans_anim_L-R" !
                  Use "hand_rot_anim_L-R" to animate the "Pinky,Mid,Index,Thumb" in Fk or Ik !

4)Legs are only Stretchy Ik, use "Roll" in "r-l_foot_anim" attribute to animate the rolling of the foot

  pay Attention for adjusting the "Toe Lift" and "Toe Straight", the ball and foot bend with their value !

  normaly "Toe Lift=45 & Toe Straight=70" and need no changes !   

5)You can constrain the eye to "Head or Body" by adjusting the "Lock" attribute find in "eye_anim"  

6)Torso is Stretchy and IKFk controlable !

  Modeled and rigged by Iradj Khosronia

  Please mention the Rigger & Modeler if you want to use it !

  Thank You for downloading this ...

  La Voila !

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