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Johnny The Box 2.0.0 for Maya

A character in the shape of a cube, with squash.

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Last Modified:04/15/2011
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Feature Request

Maya 2009

Submitted by:Beuzer0 Beuzer0
I am currently animating a scene with the previous Johnny and I think I should replace it with the new one, but it doesn't work on Maya 2009. Is it possible to have a 2009 version ? Thank you in advance !

Comments on this feature request:

  • Raveen Rajadorai

    Raveen Rajadorai said over 11 years ago:

    @Jero M: Hey Jero M, Thanks for that mate. Seems to be something to do with the toon shader and some leftover stuff relating to the UI text. Hmm..I'll look into this. Sorry about the delay guys, I've been a little swamped with work at the moment. I'm looking into having another big update to Johnny which dynamic pivots and such and I'll fix all the bugs as well. Once I get out of this busy period with work I'll get back to working on him. :)
  • Jero M

    Jero M said over 11 years ago:

    I'm getting the same problem as Beuzer, it's probably something that Maya 2009 Unlimited doesn't have since I have that version and I'm getting the same problem. Some of the stuff that appear on the Script editor are: .../johnny_the_box/scenes/ line 61628: No object matches name: .hfd ....scenes/ line 61940: The mesh 'Trim_Char_y_2_2Shape' has no '.hfd' attribute. Then it says the same like 100 times but it only chances the part of "Trim_Chary_2_2Shape" into different names like "Trim_Char_E_4_1Shape" and stuff like that. Basically, it just the error of "Has no '.hfd' attribute" repeated hundreds of time for different objects. Then, if I open the Outliner I can see the "jtb_geometry_grp" but it doesn't appear on the viewport.
  • Raveen Rajadorai

    Raveen Rajadorai said almost 12 years ago:

    Hey Beuzer, That's kinda weird, it should work on 2009. Are you getting any sort of error message? Have you tried turning on "Ignore version" under your file options?
  • Beuzer0

    Beuzer0 said almost 12 years ago:

    Thank you for answering, I tried to open with "ignore version" ticked but it still don't work. The error message is the same : "Errors have occurred while reading this scene that may result in data loss. Please check the Script Editor for details." I have the controlers but no mesh on my scene.
  • Raveen Rajadorai

    Raveen Rajadorai said almost 12 years ago:

    Hey Beuzer, Hmm...That, are you on Maya complete for 2009 or Maya unlimited? As the mesh uses a Toon Shader and a Toon Outline, that's one reason that it's not working. I'll check up on this when I get back to my computer. The mesh is probably still there, you might just need to apply a new material over it. Though, I shall look into this and see if I can make work better. :)
  • Beuzer0

    Beuzer0 said almost 12 years ago:

    Thank you for looking at this ! I use Maya 2009 Unlimited.

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