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JoshCam 6.0.0 for Maya

A camera rig I developed combining the best features from the various cameras I've used

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  • 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

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Last Modified:11/14/2021
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camera rig, Rig

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  • DwaineH

    DwaineH said almost 6 years ago:

    This camera rig works great! I'm currenlty working a project that involves some complex camera moves and this rig is making them pretty simple. *high five!!*
  • Nixellion

    Nixellion said almost 8 years ago:

    Hello! Very nice rig! Has mostly everything you'd need, but also not very obese with different unnecessary functions. But I think it's shaker expression is not ideal. In fact it results in very weird and jerky motion. I updated the script in the end, here it is. You can tweak the values of course, but the key point of it is to not use dnoise, but separate float noise functions. It also has two 'layers' of noise, one to add the 'swaying' motion, and another to add a little bit of shaking. It results in a smoother mvoement, but it is still irregular. To my opinion and my experience with being an operator and editing videos - this looks much more natural. Ideally I'd also add controls for both layers of shaking. float $mult = renderCam_group.Shaker; float $amp = renderCam_group.Amplitude; float $freq = renderCam_group.Frequency; float $seed = 2; vector $noise = >; float $cameraShake_x = (noise($noise.x) * $amp * .2) * $mult; float $cameraShake_y = (noise($noise.y) * $amp * .2) * $mult; float $cameraShake_z = (noise($noise.z) * $amp * .2) * $mult; vector $noise2 = >; float $cameraShake_x2 = (noise($noise2.x) * $amp * .01) * $mult; float $cameraShake_y2 = (noise($noise2.y) * $amp * .01) * $mult; float $cameraShake_z2 = (noise($noise2.z) * $amp * .01) * $mult; renderCam_group.rotateX = $cameraShake_x + $cameraShake_x2; renderCam_group.rotateY = $cameraShake_y + $cameraShake_y2; renderCam_group.rotateZ = $cameraShake_z + $cameraShake_z2; Cheers!
  • davenbo

    davenbo said about 8 years ago:

    Using this right now for an infomercial, will share results when done. It certainly gives some easily accessible ways to get smooth animation, but I'm finding it abit lacking that I have to select/deselect different objects. Especially when tweaking curves after the fact = cumbersome to see all at once. I just baked the keys onto new attributes on the control-object and connected the attributes on the different objects to those instead, after that I found myself content with using the rig. Also ended up adding quite a few locators with pointconstraint affecting the aim-locator, but that'd be tricky to build in I realize.
  • qaanaaq

    qaanaaq said about 9 years ago:

  • Mottled Citizen

    Mottled Citizen said over 9 years ago:

    Haven't tried this yet... just wanted to say I learned a lot about camera rigs (virtual or otherwise) by viewing the well-made video overview. Looking forward to using this. Thanks for the excellent work Josh.

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