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Lowry rig V1 1.0.2 for Maya

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  • 2009

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:12/06/2009
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Some features:
Face GUI
Animation UI for easy selection and navigation
Prefix-flexibilty, so several characters in the same scene can use the same UI
IK-FK switching and matching in arms and legs
Squasch and stretch in torso, arms, legs
Bend/Offset controllers in arms and legs
Custom spine with both IK-controllers, FK-controllers and "reverse-controllers" for maximum flexibility.
Separated foot-roll and toe-flip for easier manipulation, without using sliders.
... and some more ; - )

Some problems:  (might as well be good for you to know about)
There is no controll for the tongue yet, will try and add that soon. Also controll for moving the teeth will be added.
The shoulder- and hip-area isnt deforming too great ...
Ik-fk matching in the legs isnt 100%
I´m not to happy with modelling, some weird edgeflows in the face and stomach but it´s something called "learning" i guess so not much to do about now....
The proxy geometry in the shoulders and hips can give some pretty large gaps and be a bit destracting. Will try and come up with a solution there.
The narrow shape looks like crap, I´m gonna redo it soon. Also the cheeks could be more flexible. Also the sneer will be remade ...
Secondary controlls will be added to ... !

for this rig is similar to Liam, at so check it out if theres any problems.

Report any problems or feedback to me at:

// Otto Leffler

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