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Mike and Tina Character Rig 2.8.0 for Maya

An intuitive, but extremely versatile and highly customizable Maya character rig.

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  • 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

Operating Systems

  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:09/14/2015
File Size: 6.22 MB

Version History

Version 1.1 - Minor Update
  • Connected customizable arm meshes to male character
  • Set head follow option to a keyable state
  • Added left and right hand locator options for extended space switching functionality

Version 1.2 - Minor Update

  •     Improved skin weighting on neck (especially when head is tilted back)
  •     Corrected reversed normals on right brow and eyeball
  •     Adjusted hand flex control for correct, symmetrical behavior

    Thanks very much to Joseph Daniels for the helpful feedback!

Version 1.3 - Minor Update

  • Default female (Tina) proportions modified slightly to emphasize more appealing feminine features (smaller nose and mouth, softer chin)

Version 1.4 - Minor Update

  • Improved skin weighting on back

Version 1.5 - Minor Update

  • More skin weight refinements

Version 1.6 - Minor Update

  • Set stretch option to "off" as default setting for both legs
  • Corrected skin weighting issue with round glasses

Version 1.7 - Minor Update

  • Default FK shoulder rotation order modified to minimize gimbal lock

Version 1.8 - Minor Update

  • Eye textures now display with less faceting

Version 1.9 - Minor Update

  • Face normals corrected on left arm

Version 2.0 - Minor Update

  • Refined skin weights
  • Improved female body proportions

Version 2.1 - Minor Update

  • Improved finger joint/control orientation
  • Hair and eyebrows now smooth with Head_CTRL "smooth" attribute

Version 2.2 - Minor Update

  • Corrected wrist and sleeve skin weights (thanks for the feedback, Brett!)
  • Improved finger skin weights
  • Hands may now be scaled via the finger controls
  • Default female proportions have been modified (smaller hands, wider hips, etc.)
  • Eyeballs may now be scaled using secondary eye bulge controls

Version 2.3 - Minor Update

  • Eye deformation bug fixed

Version 2.4 - Minor Update

  • BackBend_CTRL added for easier posing in IK mode
  • Camera controls now constrained to head rather than neck

Version 2.5

  • Pony tail and pixie cut hair styles/controls added
  • Improved brow deformations
  • Streamlined behavior of secondary arm and leg controls

Version 2.6

  • Should correct the blend shape bug associated with Maya 2015.

Version 2.7

  • New "align" feature added to FK shoulder controls.
  • Female glasses scale issue fixed.

Version 2.8

  • Pixie cut and pony tail hair styles now follow head properly



                            Refined skin weights
                            Improved female body proportions