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Mike and Tina Character Rig 2.8.0 for Maya

An intuitive, but extremely versatile and highly customizable Maya character rig.

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Last Modified:09/14/2015
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Facial rig problem

Submitted by: AlisaCroft AlisaCroft
Hi)) Thank you fro the great rig!

I have a problem with a facial rig. I think this is only my problem, maybe Maya just doesn't like me. I work in 2015 version. Yesterday I was making the animation and everything was working perfect. I didn't touch facial rig, however. When I opened file today I realized that eyes of the the character are closed and only jaw works. All the rest facial rig doesn't. I'm in panic and don't know what to do. I didn't even touch the facial rig. May be you can help me, I don't know.


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  • Jason Baskin

    Jason Baskin said over 7 years ago:

    Hi Alisa- Thank you for the note. I took a look at the latest version of the rig in Maya 2015, and unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce this bug. I'm guessing that you might have accidentally deleted history on some portion of the rig in your scene file. My only suggestion would be to try reverting to a previously saved version of your animation. I wish I could be of more help. Best of luck with your project, Jason
  • yarisrm13

    yarisrm13 said about 7 years ago:

    Hello, I loved all the posibilities this rig offers, thank you. I just want to way that i had the same problem than Alisa, when I opened my scene again, the facial controlers dont work anymore (I tried to look for a lock/unlock optin, but there isnt) and I didnt touch them.. Im working on Maya 2015. I think is important for you to know that this was not an isolated case. Yara
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    Jason Baskin

    Jason Baskin said about 7 years ago:

    Hi Yara- Thanks very much for writing. I think I was actually able to address this issue in the latest version of my rig. Are you using the most recent version (2.6.0)? Please let me know. Thank you again for the helpful feedback, Jason
  • AlisaCroft

    AlisaCroft said about 7 years ago:

    Hey))) Have you saved your file in *mb or *ma format?

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