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Nissan 1.2.0 for Maya


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Last Modified:06/23/2011
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Vehicle rigg

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  • UMER Farooq

    UMER Farooq said about 13 years ago:

    RIG iS Awesome ..!! Low res or proxy model should be included so we can animate it.
  • 3dtpi

    3dtpi said over 14 years ago:

    nice setup .. esp the auto wheel cntrl and the Smoke dynamics!..also nice to see the doors and even seats move.. but the back doors being gullwings was a suprise. ****1 CRITICAL thing MISSING is SUSPENTION control on the mail contrl so that when the BODY is rotated the wheels stay on the ground..the rotation of the body should not influence the wheels.. and le also when the "front cntrl" is lifted the wheels go up - the wheels should stay on the ground or at least not move up into the hood.. *****ALSO rerig request..the autowheel rotation and smoke/NOS should be linked to the "globalctrl" Handel.. as that is what should translate/control the entire car movement..because now if i move the car withthe global cntrl the wheel dont roll :( and the "Maincrtle" should be just the body control.. - small detail you call this BMW rig.. but its a Nissan(parts labeled maxima in scene) but that said just dowloaded its can be usable and is fun rig
  • senthil23051987 senthil kumar

    senthil23051987 senthil kumar said almost 15 years ago:


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