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roboter 2.0.1 for Maya

A simple rig for non-commersional use only.

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  • 2012, 2011

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  • Windows


Last Modified:07/09/2012
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humanoid, animation

Feature Request

Thumb3 rotation, clavicle

Submitted by:blurgit blurgit
You can only rotate Thumb3 (on both hands) laterally - you can't actually bend that joint like on a real hand. Also, there are no clavicle rotation controls. Those are vital in making many poses. Thanks!

Comments on this feature request:

  • Niklas Wennersten

    Niklas Wennersten said about 14 years ago:

    hello blurgit I understand what you are requesting, but I'm afraid that I can't meet those requests since the geometry of roboter doesn't allow me to add some features. For example the clavicle, his entire chest piece isn't made to deform realistically, same goes for his shoulders or his clavicles. I know that this limits the freedom of the animators using roboter, but at the same time it would be very out of character to have this robot, who is made out of steel, to deform. I actually tried to put in some sort of clavicle control, but seeing it deform would just make him look ridiculous. The same goes for the thumb joint that you mentioned. Roboter doesn't have real hands, so he tries to compensate his lack of functionality his axis driven thumbs generate by rotating his thumb laterally. Again, I'm sorry that I can't meet your request but the mesh simply doesn't allow me to do so. I still hope that you will enjoy animating or posing with roboter. Happy animating - Niklas Wennersten

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