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Rope Roller, Cable Spool 1.0.0 for Maya

A rope rig with a roller holds it.

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  • 2014

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Last Modified:05/28/2014
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  • Amateurdraw

    Amateurdraw said over 6 years ago:

    Hey  just want to say I've read your file and seen your videos and I have some feedback.

    Firstly you made a few mistakes in orientation ie( Roller_Ctrl is opposite orientation from RollerRopeGuide_Ctrl_Bgrp ) leading to you having to fix it by inserting a negative in the expressions editor which makes it pretty unclean. Same goes for the skin joint being in same orientation but different direction as the follicle. 

    Otherwise this is a very awesome rig I had the pleasure to dissect. My only complaint is the usage of negative fuction in exp editor which made the scripting hard to dissect.
  • Hidaka_a

    Hidaka_a said over 8 years ago:

    Can you made a video ,do the model again, starting from building? A tutorial? it too hard for me to understand, especially the cable part . How can I make the joints follow the locators. How can I build the "Roller_Ctrl" with so many option?(E.g. scale,hide/show,rotate) what the "OutRope_Ctrl" are? Did you draw it by your own? I have so many questions, please help. sorry for bother you~
  • vasu1_deivigan

    vasu1_deivigan said over 9 years ago:

    Excellent work........

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