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Scotty Bluebaker 1.2.0 for Maya

Free Character Rig for Maya 2014 +

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  • 2014


Last Modified:09/19/2014
File Size: 114 MB

Scotty Bluebaker is a fun loving character for usage in Maya 2014 and up. The zip file includes a PDF documentation describing and teaching each advantages of the rig.


  1. IK-FK spine with squash and stretch (optional).
  2. IK-FK stretch arms and legs (optional).
  3. Finger control system for entire hand as well as being able to animate them manually
  4. Blendshapes are still located within the scene file, only hidden.  You may add more if you wish.
  5. Model is fully UV unwrapped, textured and comes with editable Photoshop materials.
  6. Detailed joint base facial setup with assistance from deformations.
  7. FK-Dynamic Ear switch for wiggly ears or manually maneuverable.
  8. Character's hair consists of Maya nHair.
  9. Character is already set for easy access to animating.
  10. Character can be scaled up or down through the root control.


Please let me know if you have any questions, come across any problems, or just wish to give positive feedback.

Make sure to reference the character instead of popping him in the Maya scene file.  I am always updating the rig, so if you find a problem, I will be able to fix it and you won't need to start all over.

Also, if you wish to see examples of the rig, then you may view my demo reel at 

I hope you all enjoy this rig!

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