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shotCam 0.4.0 for Maya

My shotCam camera rig...

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Last Modified:10/25/2007
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  • ming1211

    ming1211 said over 13 years ago:

    And seems like Frustum wouldn't change with Focal Length
  • ming1211

    ming1211 said over 13 years ago:

    Nice camera rig. Would be great if HD aspect ratio can be added.
  • bharat kumar

    bharat kumar said over 13 years ago:

    thanks for this i'll check it tomorrow
  • Ghanim AL-Ghanim

    Ghanim AL-Ghanim said about 16 years ago:

    can not open with maya other than 2008 unless you edit the .ma file with your wordedit and change any "2008" with your maya version for example "8.5" which refer to Maya 8.5

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