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Simple Bot Rig for Maya 1.0.0 for Maya

Simple Bot Rig for Maya

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  • 8.x


Last Modified:12/16/2016
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Feature Request

Eyeball Movement.

Submitted by:Srikanth Bhogi Srikanth Bhogi
Hey Alex, First of all.....Great Job man..!! Thanks for the awesome rig..! Nice leg overall design. I am loving this.! But I am having some problems keying the eye controls. You see.. there are these two controls for eyes. One in the facial controls window" LOOK" used for the eyeball movement and the one in 3D space "NURBS CIRCLE1". When the head is rotated down or up or etc... the eyEball movement is getting limited by the LOOK control and I am unable to key the "nurbsCircle1" control to get the eyeballs in the desired place. Can you please make sure this is fixed and see that the nurbsCircle1 control can be keyd properly. I hope this makes sense. Please let me know wen this gets upgraded. Cant wait to work on it.!!:-) Cheers buddy.

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