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STAR WARS: BB-8 Rig 3.0.0 for Maya

Ready to be animated. Updated version of BB-8 Rig V2.0.0

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  • 2016

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Last Modified:10/15/2017
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BB-8 V3.0.0 does everything that V2.0.0 does, except this time there are added lights. This is purely fan art and the rig is just meant for animation practice. 

  • NEW: Lights that you can control individually.
  • Head that can move around but also stay CONNECTED to the body (To keep BB-8's head connected to the body I used Expressions and then linked the Expressions to HEAD_CONTROL). The control is easy to use and expressions can be adjusted (more details on how to change expressions in extra notes below)

  • The Head and Body can be SEPARATED and animated as separate parts using BREAKHEAD_CONTROL and BREAKBODY_CONTROL. Good for making BB-8's head fall off if you want to (unlocking attributes in channel box editor required)
  • Patterns on the body can rotate in any direction with a non-keyable ORIENTATION_CONTROL. (Does not effect animation)
  • An "Autodrive" feature that uses Expressions to make BB-8 roll automatically (for quick animations, not intended for complex animations)   
  • A Locator to manually animate BB-8's movement and location (for more complex animations, this is the main control that I would use most often)
  • Scalable (Note: The number in the Expressions may need to be adjusted to match with the scale e.g.headrotate.rotateX=headcontrol.translateZ*30 may need to be adjusted to another value like headrotate.rotateX=headcontrol.translateZ*20   only the number needs to be adjusted)
  • Controls that allow BB-8's Antennas to bend for extra overlapping and secondary action (uses joints, smooth bind skin, parented Nurbs and expressions) 

If you need help with anything, like adjusting expressions, or anything else in particular about the rig feel free to send me a message and let me know.


  • Some Attributes for certain Nurbs curves are locked and hidden, to get  those hidden attributes back, go to Window>General Editors>Channel Control
  • "HEAD_EXPRESSIONS" layer has an invisibile Nurbs curve (Visibility checked off). To make it visible right click on the layer "HEAD_EXPRESSIONS">Select Objects>Window>Attribute Editor>Object Display> and then check select Visibility. 
  • To adjust the expressions for HEAD_EXPRESSIONS: right click on the layer>Select Objects> Click and highlight attribute you want to adjust>Edit>Expressions> (here you can change "headrotate.rotateX=headcontrol.translateZ*30” to any number etc.)
  • I've turned off the visibility of the joints for A1_EXPRESSIONS and A2_EXPRESSIONS Layers (as I thought they weren't necessary for animation), however to bring them back just in case, use the Outliner to bring back their visibility: type “0” to “1” in channel box editor.
  • If some textures don't show, it might be a file path issue, therefore go to Window> General Editors> File Path Editor> (and then Repath Files)
  • Limited Squash and Stretch at the moment. You may need to double click on the Scale Tool and under the settings change it to "object".

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
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