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Stickman 1.0.0 for Maya

Classic stickman in 3D

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Last Modified:12/12/2007
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  • ruffusmagnium

    ruffusmagnium said over 12 years ago:

    i am very new to Maya. But in 2011 version I cant figure how to rotate shoulders and knees :/
  • danyeal

    danyeal said over 15 years ago:

    I like your rig and the design idea. its possible to make cool animations with him. But: You are a little messy. When I open up the Scene, the Graph editor and the Trax editor pop up. that shouldnt be. The resolution gate is on, maybe not everbody wants this to be on. Would be better to don't have a resolutiongate in the scene file i think. Another thing is that the controls arent set to zero. if i move something and then i want it back to default i cant do that. default should be zero. you can fix this with freeze transformations. The stickmanmesh should be set to reverence. It would be cool if move and rotate for the head would be on one single control. It looks like there are two empty notes in outliner: pointlight1 and stickman characterpartition. but maybe theres a use i cant see :P all only minor problems. keep up the good work :) edit: one last thing. its always better to give things a name. not only for the user, but also for you. if you want to change something in a year or so, you wont remember whats nurbscircle11 and curve1, joint1 ect. its easyer if its called hips, kneelocator ect. edit: hehe ok one more thing :P move the elbow locators closer together, little bit more distance to the body. at about: -6.087 -16.824 -13.223 and the knee locators more up and with more distance to the body. to about: 0 10.175 9.688 works much better. look at the andy rig where to position the knee and elbow locators.

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