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Ambient Occlusion for mac osx 1.0.0 for Maya

This shader is an ambient occlusion for maya software render mac osx version.

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  • 2011

Operating Systems

  • Mac


Last Modified:11/03/2010
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maya, plug-ins


This shader is an ambient occlusion for maya software render.
There is maya 2011 version for mac osx.




  • Put "plug-ins/[maya version]/yiAmbientOcclusion.bundle" and "plug-ins/[maya version]/key.lic" into plug-ins folder.
  • Put "icons/render_*.xpm" and "icons/render_*.png" into pref/icons folder.
  • Put "scripts/AE*.mel" into scripts folder.
  • Load the "yiAmbientOcclusion.mll" from plug-ins manager.
  • You'll find the "yiAODiffuseShader", "yiAmbientOcclusionSader" under Surface, and you can also find the "yiAmbientOcclusion" under General Utilities.


    How to use


    • Assign this shader.
    • Turn on Raytracing in Render Setting.
    • Set 1 or more Reflections in Raytracing Quality when useing "add transparency".


      Attribute Description 


      • Color : Base color.
      • Transparency : Transparency color.
      • Samples : Number of sample ray. The ray is shot it becomes a square of the sampling value. (3 means 9 rays)
      • Distance : Calculated distance. It becomes infinite when set to 0.
      • Spread : Calculated spread.
      • Receive Transparency : When turned on, the transparency is calculated. keep in mind, this mode might take some time.
      • Falloff : Modulus of decay.


        ode Description 


        • yiAODiffuseShader : It's an ambient occlusion plus diffuse.
        • yiAmbientOcclusionShader : It's a basic ambient occlusion shader.
        • yiAmbientOcclusion : It's a utility. It can be connected to other attributes.


            More details are here.

            Let me konw if you have problem.

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