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Blurred Reflection for Mental Ray for Maya 1.3 for Maya


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Last Modified:05/19/2004
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ReflectionUtility 1.3

ReflectionUtility is a custom Mental Ray shader that computes smooth, customizable, blurred raytrace reflections. It works by supersampling reflection rays and does oversample the whole scene as the DGS shader does. It is a much faster and more controllable solution in most situations, as you can define a fixed amount of samples per material. It has some other useful reflection related features: anisotropy, Fresnel effect, saturation and color modification, bump mapping that effects only the reflections to create distortions.

Version 1.3:
Anisotropic effect works with polygonal geometry. (Of course you need proper UV coordinates.) The shader has no new atributes, and it works ok with old scene files.

Update: This is just a simple include file update, to make the shader work with Maya 6. There is no code change, you can simply overwrite the old include files with the new ones.

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