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Glossy Reflection for mac osx 1.0.0 for Maya

This shader is a glossy reflection utility node for the or maya software render mac osx version.

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  • 2011

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Last Modified:11/09/2010
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maya, plug-ins


This shader is a glossy reflection utility node for the maya software render.
There is the 2011 mac osx version.


  1. Put "yiGlossyReflection.bundle" and "key.lic" into plug-ins folder.
  2. Put "icons/render_*.xpm" and "icons/render_*.png" into pref/icons folder.
  3. Put "scripts/AE*.mel" into scripts folder.
  4. Load the "yiGlossyReflection.mll" from plug-ins manager.
  5. You'll find "yiGlossyReflection" under General Utilities.

Attribute Description

  • Color : Enable base color when use the Fresnel Effect. Default value is black.
  • Samples : Number of sample. The ray actually shot becomes a square of the sampling value. (3 means 9 rays)
  • Spread : Calculated spread.
  • Distance : Calculated distance. It infinitely when set 0.
  • Falloff : Distance modulus of decay.
  • Fresnel Scale : Power of the Fresnel Effect.
  • Fresnel Bias : Define the falloff rate of the Fresnel Effect.

    More details are here.

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