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PS_ToonShader 1.0.0 for Maya

Custom Toon Shader, that includes file textures

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  • 2011

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Last Modified:01/19/2011
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maya, mel, toon shader


Creates a shading network for toon shading, that includes custom made textures.

Copy mel script to the script folder (either  ...\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya*\scripts\startup OR ...\Documents\maya\(whichever version of maya you got)\scripts)! Restart Maya!!!
Select the object you want to texture.
Write in the command line: PS_ToonShader!
A window appears. Press the browse button and select a file texture.
Either change the names for shader or file,  or leave the default (default is the name of the object+ shader/ texture. Make sure the names are unique. The script will warn you though)
The checkbox is for whether you want 1 or 2 shadows (2 is default).
Press Toon Shader button!
That's it!
The ramp shader offers plenty of stuff to play around with (specularity,reflection, incandescence etc.). Play around with position and the Interpolation modes of the shadows, but DONT DELETE THE COLOR INPUTS ON THE COLOR RAMP!!! You can add some(for a rim light effect for example),but they wont be textured.
Two extra attributes in the attribute editor of the shader called shadow1 and 2 control the darkness of the shadows.

Have fun! 

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